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Has a fresh natural yeastiness in the aroma and a smooth malty character. There are just enough hops for a crispness that makes it a really refreshing beer. Enjoy the smooth rounded cashew nut flavour that is coaxed from premium Munich Malts.




Monteith’s Golden Lager is considered a ‘malty lager’ in the heritage of beers traditionally brewed in parts of Germany.

The tradition of Munich Oktoberfest and ‘export’ lagers balances a smooth mellow hop character with a rounded malty nutty richness and refreshing fruity aroma.

By today’s standards, Monteith’s Golden Lager is a rich golden colour, slightly darker than more modern ‘mainstream’ lagers. It has a smooth malty characteristic tending to nuttiness, from the use of Munich-style amber malts.

Monteith’s brewers have developed a crisp natural freshness from the lager yeast during maturation.



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