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Delivers a full, round and complete beer flavour. It’s the hops that dominate aroma and taste. However, on closer inspection, there’s a subtle blackberry aroma which originates from the female flowers of the Pacific Gem Hops.



Brewed to the same Monteith family recipe since 1868, Monteith’s Original Ale is considered a pale ale in the heritage of beers brewed last century.

By today’s standards, Monteith’s Original Ale is fairly dark and this illustrates how much beers have changed over time. In the 1700s, the average beer was very dark and since then mainstream beers have gradually become lighter in colour.

Monteith’s Original Ale has a solid malty characteristic tending to the dark crystal malt range, with notes of caramel or burnt sugar.

However, its key focus is extra bitterness, as the tradition of pale ales tends to be beers with significant hop characteristics.

Monteith’s brewers have been able to develop traditional yeasty fermentation characters and some fruity/berry-fruit notes to the aroma.

The blend of these characteristics creates a balance that reflects the historic style of ‘pale ales’ ~ good body, complex ale fruitiness and a significant hoppy aftertaste.

Monteith’s beers are not pasteurised, which better preserves their natural, traditional flavours.



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